Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Made Milwaukee Famous - What Doesn't Kill Us

Release Date: 03/04/08
Genre: Indie Rock

Honestly, I only gave them a listen because their wikipedia page said they are one of the only unsigned bands to have played on Austin City Limits.

Review: Surprise. The first song gave me the impression that this was one of those generic bands that play the same chords the whole song. but then the singer switched it up in mid song and i was like "what?"

"Sultan" is catchy rock radio.
"Cheap Wine" is sappy rock radio.
"The Right Place" sound like one of those bands with the prefix 'the' in their names.

"For The Birds" is my favorite because of how pleasing it sounds, but the ending where the singer just explodes is an awesome feeling to witness. I always felt most bands are missing that part, but i love how he just lets it out.

"Self Destruct" sounds like Weezer.
"Resistance St." could be mistaken for england.
"Middle Of The Night" sounds like a generation's anthem.

20 years from now, if this album was labeled as a greatest hits, i think someone would believe it. All of the songs feel satisfying individually and having them on one album is more impressive. Although it might not be providing anything new, it's a real nice collection of songs.

Summary: Well crafted melodies, a great hidden gem of the year.

Key Tracks: For The Birds, And The Grief Goes On..., Middle of the Night
Rating: 7/10

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