Friday, August 01, 2008

100 Reviews!

I kinda fast tracked myself for the summer and tried to write an review everyday for the month of June. It didn't quite work out, but it's there, although some still have missing 'text' and some of the ratings might be off. Hopefully not. but yeah, i suffered one killer set back, my external hard drive died on me late June. It was weird. I was cleaning my room and then i went to broom underneath my computer desk and the broom just touched my External and it just tipped over and I didn't think too much of it because it wasn't a nasty fall, it just tipped over on its side. But then my Lost video (it's on the external) started to freeze and I was like hmm? oddly enough, I almost felt relieve that it died just because the folder I have is called "Songs to listen" and I've had it since 2002 and it's only called that because when i first began to listen to music, i hated having my playlist have songs that I didn't like so i have two folders of songs I did listen to with songs I just have. But that folder never worked out because firstly, I was lazy to divide my collection and secondly, I became an album guy. Quick note. I messed up my Wreckers review by not having the tags correct so I actually had 51 reviews at the time.

Anyways, at 100 reviews, my standings are:
So again, this blog is mainly for me and I don't want to have an ego by having one of those 'stats meters' cuz that would make me go crazy. "Why isn't nobody reading!" lawl. so because of June, and because I'm only one person, I notice I'm sometimes stuck in weird phases. Like Black Kids and Katy Perry were actually fun to begin with, but then i got sick of it. Gaslight Anthem was kinda disappointing, but now I love it. So my experiment of one review a day is bad just because I simply need more than 5 listens to digest an album. I'm also more nicer when it comes to reviews. I gotta stop that.

Here's an updated chart on how I based mine on.

1: shit
2: terrible
3: not good
4: boring
5: ...
6: above the curve
7: it's good, download it
8: recommended
9: worth the money, buy it
10: perfection

Overall, 2008 has been okay. Frightened Rabbit and Girl Talk are the only albums that would appear in my all times list.

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