Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cavashawn - Cavashawn EP

Release Date: 02/26/08
Genre: Alternative Rock

I kind of downplay praise from fans when the band happens to be from a city near them. But there has to be a reason why they would say that. The band has to be semi-listenable.

Review: So I'm having trouble deciding where I stand on this band. The vocals are a bit youthful/teenage for my liking. To give a black and white answer, I like "Out of My Mind" and "Thrill." I don't like "Madison" and "Just Because." But now I feel guilty for saying it. Those two songs aren't bad bad, it's just really average. The chorus on "Just Because" are a little forced. I do enjoy parts of the verses. The vocals remind me a lot of Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin.

What if I break it down with song ratings?

Out of My Mind = 7
Madison = 3
Thrill = 8
Just Because = 7

25/4 = 6.25

Edit: 10/09/08
okay, I had this melody stuck in my head and I couldn't figure out why, then it hit me that it was Cavashawn. And giving it another try, I really like it. I still don't think they are doing anything new, but they have to be doing something right if I still think about them after I passed over them. The vocals are still not to my liking, but it's growing on me. Still, 13 minutes doesn't deserve a high score under any circumstance.

Summary: A nice taste. 13 minutes is hard to gauge.

Key Tracks: Out of My Mind, Thrill
Rating: 6/10

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