Sunday, October 05, 2008

Portishead - Third

Release Date: 04/28/08
Genre: Trip-hop

This album was such a big deal this year, but I could never get into it. I never liked "Dummy" either. So here's my last attempt.

Review: I feel really dark and trapped in a smoke room. Her voice isn't lady-like and it's really just trippy. Like if where you are now is life, she's behind a glass wall that is death. And she just sounds really eerie. The music doesn't stand out to me. Like it's just there. But in the right set of mind, it's not so bad. See, I feel like I'm missing the point because the muted sound is done on purpose. It's interesting, but I can't find myself giving the album more spins. The pace is very slow motion.

Summary: Depending on the mood.

Key Tracks: Nylon Smile, Machine Gun
Rating: 4/10

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