Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009: Song(s) of the Year

Truthfully, Poker Face is my song of the year. That song messed me up.

Honorable mention: autotune the news 5
"It's not the nicotine that kills! It's the smoooooke! The smooooooke."

25. Great Lake Swimmers - Pulling On A Line
"I'm just pulling on a line, on a line. Sometimes it pulls on me"

24. OneRepublic - Secrets
"Tell me what you want to hear."

23. Florence & The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
"This is a gift, it comes with a price."

22. Phoenix - Lisztomania
"These days it comes it comes it comes it comes it comes and goes."

21. Mat Kearney - All I Have
"All I have, all I have, all I have, well you know it's yours"


20. Jordin Sparks - Battlefield
"Why we gotta fall for it now."

19. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Young Adult Friction
"Don't check me out."

18. Balmorhea - Settler

17. Matt & Kim - Daylight
"'cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home."

16. Passion Pit - Moth's Wings
"Dear friend, as you know."


15. Mew - Sometimes Life isn't Easy
"Sever my limbs and deceive me. Sometimes life isn’t easy."

14. Girls - Lust for Life
"Oh I wish i had a boyfriend. I wish i had a loving man in my life"

13. Atlas Sound - Walkabout
"To go away and not look back and think of what the others say"

12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero
"Shake it like a ladder to the sun"

11. Dirty Projectors - Stillness is the Move
"Like a child it had no habits, no opinion about anything"


10. Lady GaGa - Bad Romance
"I don’t wanna be friends."

9. Vienna Teng - No Gringo
"No gringo. No Gringo aquĆ­. words as levies against the flood."

8. Emmy the Great - First Love
"Yeah I remember you like a verse, that I didn't want to learn"

7. Animal Collective - What Would I Want? Sky
"Give him some money stop daydreaming, dude"

6. The Decemberists - Sleepless
"Hand it over."


5. Camera Obscura - Honey in the Sun
"When I said I didn't love you, I told you a lie. There no one above you, although I try."

4. Metric - Gimme Sympathy
"I can feel it in my bones."

3. Animal Collective - My Girls
"Four walls and adobe slabs."

2. Phoenix - 1901
"Fold it, fold it, fold it, fold it."

1. Bat For Lashes - Daniel
"I dream of home..."

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