Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Panda Bear - Tomboy

Release Date: 4/12/11
Genre: Psychedelic pop

Review: It was hard to take in the singles as he released them to the public as they didn't feel it had those "attention to detail" moments. So I barely listened to the singles, but hearing them together, i found it to be surprising well put together. Maybe my subconscious is making the connecting that i heard them before, but the sound of the first 5 tracks are a really great piece of work. The mood really switches when Drone comes on and Scheherazade two tracks later just dampens the whole flow. It's hard to tell what they add to the album. So overall, it's a strip down version of Person Pitch and standalone tracks are harder to find. Still, i think his goal of making the sound of the album to his liking succeeded.

Favorite Songs: Slow Motion, Last Night At The Jetty, Afterburner
Rating: 7.7/10

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