Thursday, December 08, 2011

2011: Song(s) of the Year

Do you guys think my love for the gym and overdosing on confidence has altered my taste in music?
Honorable mention: Avicii - Levels
The Etta James sample is so sick.

25. Smith Westerns - All Die Young
slow burning garage rock
"love is lovely when you are young"

24. Pitbull - Give Me Everything (Feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer)
typical dance-club, but it clears my mind.
"I gotta locked up like lindsay lohan"

23. Lana Del Rey - Video Games
hi nancy sinatra.
"only worth living if somebody is loving you"

22. Wu Lyf - We Bros
i can't understand a word they say.
"put away your guns man and sing this song"

21. Yuck - Shook Down
a throwback to 90's alt.
"the time it takes for you is the time it takes for me"

20. Cut Copy - Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution
the chorus is infectious.
"baby baby, can't you see"

19. Los Campesinos! - By Your Hand
they won't ever top their first album.
"i'm not sure if it's love anymore"

18. Carissa's Wierd - Meredith & Iris
holy shit they reunion and made a new song.
"tell me everything i know has all been a lie?"

17. PJ Harvey - The Words That Maketh Murder
how does she still have it?
"what if i take my problem to the united nations?"

16. Cults - You Know What I Mean
they totally 60s it.
"tell me what's wrong with my brain"

15. Lykke Li - Sadness Is A Blessing
so that's where the title of the album came from.
"these scars of mine make wounded rhymes tonight'

14. Rihanna - We Found Love (Feat. Calvin Harris)
Rihanna needs her own radio station.
"yellow diamonds in the light"

13. Givers - Meantime
so many elements in this song.
"and all this time you lost you will learn again"

12. Seryn - We Will All Be Changed
great, more folk-rock.
"we can shape but can't control these possibilities to grow"

11. Laura Stevenson and the Cans - Master of Art
she's so adorable
"you should know that i am often difficult"

10. Drake - Take Care (Feat. Rihanna)
thanks jamie xx
"if you let me, here's what i'll do"

9. Jens Lekman - Waiting For Kirsten
kirsten dunst is not worth waiting for.
"in gothenburg we don't have vip lines"

8. Adele - Someone Like You
piano + voice
"yesterday was the time of our lives"

7. Nicki Minaj - Super Bass
literally pulled an 180 when i heard this song.
"can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass"

6. M83 - Intro
my warm-up song for the threadmill.
"we became the stories we became the places"

5. The Decemberists - June Hymn
they still got it.
"i give my best to Springville Hill"

4. Girls - Vomit
where did the gospel lady come from?
"lookin' for you, baby, lookin' for love"

3. Panda Bear - Last Night At The Jetty
this song is mesmerizing.
"i know i know i know i know"

2. Bon Iver - Holocene
best vocal performance.
"and at once i knew i was not magnificent"

1. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
that opening line is exactly what i needed.
"i was raised up believing i was somehow unique"

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