Friday, September 07, 2007

KT Tunstall - Drastic Fantastic

Release Date: 09/18/07
Genre: Folk, Pop

I hated "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree," but "Suddenly I See" was a kickass song. I never seek out to listen to more of her and here she is with a new album.

Review: Nothing close to good until track 6, "Hopeless." The tracks before it come off irritating and the music is average at best. Her voice is raspy. "I Don't Want You Now" has potential to be a massive hit. It has that flare and it's catchy. "Saving My Face" has that funky groove within it.

Summary: Not Good. My problem with her is that her voice is gross and unappealing. Even with her simplistic songs like "Beauty of Uncertainty" and "Paper Aeroplane," her vocals display a screeching sound of unpleasingness.

Key Tracks: White Bird, I Don't Want You Now
Rating: 3/10

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