Saturday, September 08, 2007

Athlete - Beyond the Neighbourhood

Release Date: 09/03/07
Genre: Britpop, Indie Rock

Their name pops up from time to time whenever I'm looking at new music. I heard a few songs here and there and they were on my okay side, but I never desired more from them. But with a brand new album, I though it was time to give them a proper listen.

Review: Their sound isn't very britpop, the accents are clear. I like how some of their songs are mellow instrumentals which is present in the opening track and I sometimes find myself passing the time quickly from being absorbed so easily in every song.

There's catchy sing-a-long tunes such as "Hurricane" and "It's Not Your Fault" that would make good singles. But what really made me take notice are the ballads. "Second Hand Stores" and "Best Not To Think About It" sounds very moving and raw. As for the rest of the CD, I enjoy it. The second half is better than the first half.

The last track, "This Is What I Sound Like" is my favorite. The sadness in his voice and the sense of feeling lost. Good stuff. Still, the album works as a whole, but it's not excellent music, just standard goodies that's expected from rock bands.

Summary: So I can't compare them between the past and present, but from the present, it's a good solid album from start to finish. I could pop it in my music player and time will pass quicky without me noticing. The lyrics are good and the music is good.

Key Tracks: It's Not Your Fault, Second Hand Stores, This Is What I Sound Like
Rating: 6/10

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