Friday, October 19, 2007

Vanessa Carlton - Heroes & Thieves

Release Date: 10/09/07
Genre: Piano Pop

Her second Album, "Harmonium" only had 2 good songs. I tried to convince myself that there were more, but I couldn't find myself listening to much. She said that her third album was her "best batch of songs," and of course, many artists have said that when releasing a new album. However, I have to agree with her. Heroes & Thieves is her best completed album.

Review: The first track, "Nolita Fairytale," which is also the first single is a bit 'stand out.' I liked it, but I'm always careful with singles because they tend to be different from the rest of the album's tone. But "Hands on Me" follows the uplifting spirit and the background singing of 'Hands on me" echoing is crazy delicious.

I'm glad "Heroes & Thieves" shares the name with the album title because it's the best song on the album musically. So it's not a letdown at all. For the most part, all the other tracks are solid Carlton music. She does well in her quieter moments as in "My Best" and "Home." I enjoy the strings in her music too.

Summary: She's 27, but I get the sense that she's still floating for experience. I can't really comment on any bad songs because there isn't one, but not all of the songs are excellent either. Once you get comfortable with her, all of her songs are familiar even if you never heard them before, which is what I like. She's not annoying, so she's a respectable musician. It's her best album so far, and I hope continues to makes more.

Key Tracks: Hands on Me, Heroes & Thieves, Home
Rating: 7/10

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