Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Britney Spears - Blackout

Release Date: 10/30/07
Genre: Pop

I was only 13 and my fascination with girls haven't kicked in yet, but I remember when Britney first came out, girls and boys were all obsessed with her. I on the other hand though she was a stupid bimbo, but it wasn't until her song "Lucky" that caused me to have a baby crush on her. Thankfully Michelle Branch came along and saved me from the melting pot of crappy music (aka MTV).

Review: Truthfully, I never listen to a Britney album in it's entirely. I do prefer her if she used her singing voice rather then her 'trying to be sexy' sexy voice. The album begins with Britney's worldwide super single "Gimme More." I think her voice is fine during the verses, but the chorus is really dim. After that, my expectations for the album were set really below the bar, but I honestly enjoyed 40% of the rest of the album.

"Radar" is fun to listen to, "Heaven on Earth" is an 80's dance song that I'm sure will get remixed to death. Her best song, "Hot as Ice" has a catchy hook and her voice sounds more natural. But there's a lot of shit too, like "Freakshow" comes off as moronic, as does "Toy Solider," but more repetitive. "Perfect Lover" is painful cloudy and the album closer sounds like shit. So after 12 tracks, the only question I had was, where are the ballads? We could all use a good ballad.

I don't hear any instruments either, mostly just computer beats and synthesizer. None of the songs feel personal either. The only song that sort of has a life of its own would be the upbeat "Ooh Ooh Baby," but for the most part, she stays 'sexy' the entire album. There's a small degree of change of tone of the sexy, but I think she's trying to her too hard and it pushes the songs down down down.

Summary: It's not as bad as you'll expect. The bright side here is that the album isn't boring. The dark side here is that the album is often brainless and foolish and the overall theme that Britney isn't looking for a romantic guy, she just wants to create friction.

Key Track: Hot as Ice
Rating: 3/10

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