Thursday, November 01, 2007

Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer - Schematics

Release Date: 09/25/07
Genre: Indie Pop

With their name, I thought this was going to be some proglite-screamo band. But they got a female lead vocalist and it's your jump up and down, sing with me pop.

Review: Her voice isn't soothing, but it's really hard to resist the music. Ten full songs, but only 27 minutes long make the album quick and nothing is filler. That's really all I can say at the moment. You just need to give it a listen and you''ll start to smile uncontrollably. Chances are, the first song that will stick in your mind is the silly "Death or Radio" with the catchy chorus "let's hold hands and listen to shitty bands" with the minor synth in the background.

And although describing each songs might have the same tone, each song is noticeable different. There's no slow ballads, but the album is so short, it doesn't need a change of pace. The lyrics are very light so what you get is a power-pop jump rope that doesn't wear you down from gravity. I also think that I'm in outer space for some reason, the same way Disney Channel envisions outer space music like in those Zenon movies.

Summary: Guilty pleasure music, but I'm not ashamed. It sparkles and it's cute.

Key Tracks: Death or Radio, So Scared
Rating: 7/10

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