Friday, November 02, 2007

Patrick Park - Everyone's in Everyone

Release Date: 08/21/07
Genre: Acoustic pop rock

Another forum member liked him, so I gave the album a listen. It's funny how I complain that some of my friends have short attention spans, but when it comes to singer-songwriters, I get bored so easily. It's difficult for words to enter me because I just want to let the music speak for itself. But given the proper respect, Patrick Park is a good artist to add to anyone's collection.

Review: It took me a while for me to get used to his vocals. It's not bad, it's old fashion, like the way Jackson Browne's vocals appear boring until you're used to them. The opening track is called "Life is a Song" and it moves so swiftly between love and advice. Then "Time is Moving On" is sincere in tone. "Here We Are" has the faster tempo and "Arrive Like a Whisper" has a charm in the music.

I enjoyed the first 6 songs very much, but the second half didn't grab me. There's instruments that get thrown in and they work really well and I like how the verse and chorus transition are natural, but if you're used to the singer-songwriting genre, you'll understand how the album is and it's nothing good, but nothing new.

Summary: Enjoyable album, but a little standard. If I needed mellow music, this would work well, but I often feel the need to change the songs once i reach the last half of the album

Key Tracks: Life is a Song, Here We Are
Rating: 5/10

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