Friday, March 21, 2008

Envelopes - Here Comes The Wind

Release Date: 02/18/08
Genre: Indie Pop

"If there's a party can i come?"

Review: So "party" is pretty much the only song I like. Everything else is just standard indie pop which hurts me to admit because "Party" is one of the best songs of the far. I really wanted to like it, but the music doesn't hold my attention. Maybe Los Campesinos! is to blame because I discovered them not so long after and it caused Envelopes to feel that it was lacking more fun. I do enjoy some songs, but it doesn't outweighs the songs that I don't like.

Summary: Gets a bit tiring, but it's still alright if I had no option of changing the album. A lot of the tunes are forgettable.

Key Tracks: Party, Freejazz, What's The Deal
Rating: 4/10

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