Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PlayRadioPlay! - Texas

Release Date: 03/18/08
Genre: Electropop

My first exposure to this guy was his song "Decipher Reflections from Reality" and he quickly captured my imagination. The Postal Service were the only type of band I knew that used computerized sounds, so I wanted more of him, but he was unsigned. He released an EP last year, but it was only okay. Now, he finally makes his real debut with an LP.

Review: So I know he re-did a few songs on his myspace to be on the album, but i never heard them so especially with the first 6 tracks, i was really impressed with how creative they were and how heart pounding they all seem to be, but he linked them together with some quieter passages.

I think after the sixth track, his voice began to bugged me. But it's not bad, it probably works best with his type of music, but the second half of the album is more of the same. I still enjoy it, I just get tired of hearing it. Still, the hooks he created in each song is very vivid. I find myself humming along always.

Summary: Good album, well worth the time and effort so give it a go.

Key Tracks: I'm A Pirate, You're A Princess, Madi Don't Leave, I'm Afraid There's A Hole in My Brain
Rating: 7/10

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