Monday, March 24, 2008

Cloud Cult - Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes)

Release Date: 04/08/08
Genre: Indie/Experimental

Review: Opening track is very welcoming. There's this 'dinging' sound that I'm fascinated with that's played through out. Then "Everybody is a Cloud" is sick! Slowly builds to a climax, but it almost reminds me of Animal Collective in how their random grunts and noises blend in so well with the song. And it's actually a beautiful song lyrically too.

"The Tornado Lessons" is wild! I'm assuming the album gets it's name after this song. It starts with a storm and has an errie feel to it, plus there's chipmunks for background vocals. It's wild. And then "When Water Comes To Life" is insane. It feels like orchestra and when the vocals finally arrive, it feels so heavenly, but it keeps boiling underneath to a firey call out to the world to the point where it becomes a blur. "You were made of water water water"

"The Ghost Inside Our House" is a beautiful acoustic ballad. It's a little calmer than the rest, but it feels so natural. I love his vocals in this. The rest of the album follows suit. A lot of catchy stuff that will hook the listener in. The last track of the album made everything complete. "Love You All" has robotic vocals at the beginning, but the melody is lovely. Eventually the song becomes clean again and once the last notes are sung, it feels special.

Summary: My god, he's broken in half! Seriously, lots of different songs that make it feel special. It is gentle and strong and insane and plottwisty. Great album. Big props to the violin and cello players.

Key Tracks: Everybody Here is a Cloud, When Water Comes To Life, Love You All
Rating: 8/10

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