Monday, April 28, 2008

50 reviews!

So I finally reached 50, took longer than I had plan. I wanted to do a review a day, which is reasonable because I download 3-5 albums a day. But then I felt like it was pointless to review old albums and then i felt it was pointless to review bad albums for bands no one has heard of. I just download a lot and keep what I like. I'm mainly using my ears to judge. I don't research the band's history unless I'm familiar with them beforehand. So this is just a hobby of mine, but I though it was hilarious that "The New Frontiers" actually quoted me on their myspace page. I'm not a music expect. I go through so many musical phases, I even question my taste 10 weeks later.

Anyways, at 50 reviews, my standings are:
I wanted my 'tens' to feel like an 'eleven.' I didn't know exactly how it'll work, but I think i got the hang of being consistence with my rating system. I got the whole "my story/their story" from 411's music reviews. The unlabled opening is just me writing a brief intro on how i discovered them, or if they are new, what caught me. And I got the whole 'key tracks' from The Silent Ballet's top album of the year list. I also based part of my rating system on them. They never give tens.

Here's a rough chart on how I based mine on.

1: shit
2: boring
3: not good
4: bad > good
5: mediocre
6: okay if forced to listen
7: good > bad
8: recommended
9: buy it
10: perfect (will shift musical taste)

I'm gonna try to get 100 before the end of the year so I'm gonna try to make quick reviews of past and future records.

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