Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow

Release Date: 05/05/08
Genre: Ambient

I haven't been following the band because it didn't seem like the band was hard at work. So seeing this new album out was a big suprise knowing full way that in my top 5 albums of all times, Hammock's "Raising Your Voice...Trying to Stop an Echo" is right there. I remember reading a myspace blog that they posted in January that this album was their most personal one that they written and they also wanted to make an album that they could easily recreate when played live.

Review: So the first thing that bothered me, the songs were longer. I like long songs and all, but I have to have something to focus on or else I'll lose interest (ex: stars of the lid). I can clearly hear the hammock sound, but in every song, there's not much of a main character. It's a peaceful backdropping soundscape, but that's really all there to it. One of the many reasons why I loved "Raising your voice" so much was because it had tracks where it felt like a rock song. This album is very air, very space, very glow moody.

"Mono No Aware" is the closest thing that delivers on what I wanted. There's nothing else to say. I don't hate it at all. I also can't find myself loving it either. It doesn't have enough flavor to give itself repeated listens.

Summary: One hour of slow motion thoughts.

Key Tracks: Mono No Aware, Elm
Rating: 6/10

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