Saturday, April 12, 2008


Release Date: 04/09/08
Genre: J-pop, J-rock

When I heard her 2nd album, I initially didn't like it as much as the first album, but it eventually surpassed the first, at least in overall variety. So my first impressions of her 3rd album were no different. I didn't like it as much. But I have to consider that the singles she released are already in my memory so I probably was let down by her album songs only because they were new.

Review: "Laugh Away" is good. A little typical of her sound, but it's a good track from YUI's standards. "My generation" is next and I'm familiar with it and it's a rocking single. "Find Me" has a sharper sound, pretty good for an album song. "No Way" is only a minute long and that pisses me off because it's so strong and a little 'punk.' "Namdiario is a typical ballad from YUI, I don't think it's special, but her voice still captures me.

"Daydreamer" is the best song she has ever done. Just listen to the chorus and the guitar riffs. I want to see a music video of it so it besta be a single soon. "Love is All" "and "I Will Love You" are great. I actually hated them my first listen because it was a little generic. How could I think that? The melody is really chill.

"We will go" is different, i almost hate it. But I think the fan of me won't allow it. "Oh Yeah" is cute. I still feel indifferent about "Love & Truth."

Summary: It's a strong set of songs again. How does YUI write songs to quickly? Maybe it's because I don't understand her lyrics so it all feels good to me. If I had to set a greatest hits for her, there's a good portion of hits on this album. I just wish "Jam" was on the album. It's my favorite b-side. I don't know if it's her best album yet, they were only released a year apart, it could be called "Can't buy my love II." There's a lot of parallel songs. I don't have a problem with that as long as I don't get bored.

Key Tracks: No Way, Daydreamer, Oh Yeah
Rating: 8/10

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