Saturday, May 03, 2008

Augustana - Can't Love, Can't Hurt

Release Date: 04/29/08
Genre: Rock

I remember being really dissatisfy with their debut because "Boston" was the only good song. Because I was going through a dry period of good albums, i gave this one a download.

Review: The first 6 tracks are ridiculously good with "Hey Now" kicking thing off in familiar territory, but by the second song, I start to admire their sound as a band. It as a more down to earth folksy feel to it. "Sweet and Low" is their lead single, but thankfully I never heard it so to me, I really enjoy it. It's almost a counterpart to "Boston."

"Twenty Years" is a ballad and it's done very well with the gentle strings creeping in with the frail piano going in sync with the vocals. It builds and builds and I can really feel his vocals at the bridge.

The second half hasn't hit me like the first 6 did. Most likely because I keep starting over because i want to hear them again. But yeah, the last 4 tracks don't do it for me, but thankfully it doesn't suck.

Summary: I like it much better than their debut. In the debut, it was hard to tell them apart from other upcoming bands of their style, but I think they found their niche here.

Key Tracks: Hey Now Sweet and Low, Fire
Rating: 7/10

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