Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ratatat - LP3

Release Date: 07/08/08
Genre: Electronic

I heard their name float around because I tend to read topics about instrumental music and I kept thinking this was a joke regrading pokemon, but when i finally did check them out, I really enjoyed them. It's electronic, but uses guitars.

Review: First 4 tracks are killer. Then it feels a little pulled back. Then after "Shempi," the album just gets dry. It's still a pleasant listening experience. I'm having a hard time finding words to review the album with. Do I like it? parts of it, Yes. I guess I get bored with it near the end. The first half of the album had enough quick details for me to follow with, but the second is a mash of simple tunes. If used for incidental music, the album would be fine.

Summary: It's alright. Not the best introduction to the band.

Key Tracks: Shiller, Falcon Jab, Shempi
Rating: 6/10

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Tenacious Hand Stamp said...

Check out their two previous releases, Ratatat and Classics...