Saturday, June 07, 2008

3 Doors Down - 3 Doors Down

Release Date: 05/20/08
Genre: Rock

We all remember this band. Sorry guys, but the post-grunge/90s alt-rock is an extinct genre. Still, I wanted to be open-minded.

Review: First song, "Trains" sucks. "Citizen/Soldier" is alright. The chorus is catchy enough. First notes of "It's Not my Time" reminds me of Seether, but it's not that bad of a song. It appears friendly enough. The chorus is fine.

"Let Me Be Myself" actually sounds alright. But why does the chorus have to go towards the heavy side? Totally turn the song into generic village.

*will finish later*

Summary: It's not entirely boring. Sometimes the first few seconds of a song shows some promise, but why does it all end up being the same fucking song. He sings the chorus to every song the exact same. It doesn't matter what he's singing because it's impossible to differentiate the chorus. Instruments aren't all that interesting either.

Key Tracks: Let Me Be Myself, Runaway
Rating: 5/10

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