Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Accidental - There Were Wolves

Release Date: 04/14/08
Genre: Folk

What is the album cover suppose to be anyways?

Review: Mellow as fuck. I swear "I Can Hear Your Voice" was on a commercial. The first two songs of the album are really bare. It's nice camping music. I like "Jaw of a Whale" because there's something reflected about the line "here's to the girl with the flowers in her neck." Great singing and great melody.

The vocals are clearly from the UK, but not too strong so his voice just adds a color to the album. "Illuminated Red" is probarly the best starting point or intro track to send to friends. It has strings and compared to the majority of the album, it doesn't feel so minimalist.

The rest of the album is mainly acoustic guitars and singing. Hard to explain. It's very chill and mellow. Sometimes they'll be extra claps or bell sounds. But nothing you'll find on a studio album like electric guitars or a saxophone. None of that coverup job people like to do in the studio. Just sounds calming and soothing.

Summary: This album sounds so good when you're alone at night. Very clean sounds.

Key Tracks: I Can Hear Your Voice, Jaw Of A Whale, Illuminated Red
Rating: 7/10

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