Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Weepies - Hideaway

Release Date: 04/22/08
Genre: lo-fi indie pop

The picture on their wikipedia is cute.

Review: I don't know where they recorded the album, but throughout, it just feels like something two close friends did in their spare time. It has a sincere bedroom session vive to it. Deb's is not always perfect, but the honestly in her voice is love. Steve's vocals are kinda...off, but it balances out the Deb's vocals because the album is 45 minutes, so i appreciate the female vocals when they return later in the album.

Even though the formula is simple, the chemistry is what makes the album work. The melodies also work well. But in the end, I don't think it's an album that is really strong enough to make an impact. A lot of the songs will make you feel like it's the beginning of your new love relationship. It's soft and easy. But there's too much of it. After 30 minutes, I think i got it and it was time for a change.

Summary: Easy love. Runs too long.

Key Tracks: Orbiting, How You Survived The War, Old Coyote
Rating: 7/10

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