Sunday, July 06, 2008

Katy Perry - One of the Boys

Release Date: 06/17/08
Genre: Pop

A lot of times, I'll disagree with a universally praised album, but I never disagreed with an album that has been pan by critics. It currently sits at the bottom of metacritic '08 albums with a score of 43. But whatever, it's my bloggy. I can't lie to my only reader.

Review: So ignore "I Kissed A Girl." I don't know how that song became a hit. It's catchy yes, but lyrics are lawl. So the others aren't like that song, but they are more or less just as catchy. Yes, I'm gonna use the word catchy a lot of times. That's the biggest appeal to the album.

"One of the Boys" is catchy. Waking up in Vegas" is catchy. "Thinking of You" is actually sweet catchy. "Hot N Cold" will no doubt be a hit single. "If You Can Afford Me" is fiery catchy.

yeah, this album is catchy. Her voice is a little raspy and that gives her an edge over some of the sweet pop girls. Some of her stuff is textbook pop music, but most of it is friendly IMO so I don't mind her at all.

Summary: Why do I like this album? Why? It's undeniably catchy.

Key Tracks: I Kissed A Girl, Thinking of You, Hot N Cold
Rating: 6/10

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