Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dragonforce - Ultra Beatdown

Release Date: 08/26/08
Genre: Power Metal

me in 2004: Holy crap this band is awesome! I won't lie, the internet hate can influence me. It's the place where i get most of my music recommendations. ie:I used to like Linkin Park until the internet caught up with me. I discovered Dragonforce because of the internet and watch the net backlash them for it's repetitiveness. Despite that, this band is epic and unintentionally hilarious. The first two albums were actually fun, but the 3rd felt flat for me.

Review: yep. Dragonforce is still wrecking shit up. More words that get drop, "live" "free" fire" "dreams" ect. It's fast so it's hard to hear everything. I like "Reasons to live" because the melodies are more apparent. It's kinda weird that each song has two distinct parts which annoys me. I rather they do something like "Fury of the Storm" and turn it into crazy guitar battles. I don't feel that the changes flow well within the songs. Even with their attempt to change the flow, my ears feel exhausted towards the end of the album. None of the solos are interesting either.

Summary: Good old Dragonforce, never change guys. I probably won't give this album anymore spins. It's enough for me.

Key Tracks: Reasons to Live, The Warrior Inside
Rating: 4/10

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