Monday, August 25, 2008

Yann Tiersen - Tabarly

Release Date: 05/31/08
Genre: Piano/Instrumental/Soundtrack

I can't believe i didn't know about this album until 3 days ago.

Review: So this soundtrack is for a movie about a french sailor, √Čric Tabarly, who is considered to be the father of French yachting and was sadly lost at sea in 1998. But if you're like me, all you care about is the music. And i'm just gonna make this paragraph just a little longer so at first glance, your eyes will meet my 'summary' first.

But as a whole, i notice there's less of a 'french' flavor to it. Like especially on his older albums, the instruments he used, like the harpsichord, it just gives a foreign, ethnic feel to the sound. On Tabarly, it's always consistent and its flow weaves in and out of engaging music to just incidental music. sometimes it can be frustrating because the length of the songs are just an idea and not fully developed. for example, track 5, ".IV" could have been the favorite, but it only lasts for 55 seconds.

As with all soundtracks, there's a common theme that connects all the songs as one cohesive environment. no odd ball tracks. no stand alone tracks either. It just feels like it fits the story. The first two tracks makes me feel like it's raining outside. The high notes makes it sound so delicate. Both "Au-Dessous Du Volcan" and "Yellow" have this crowded city atmosphere to them. "Point Mort" is gloomy and dark with it's haunting bass notes. "La Longe Route" and "Atlantique Nord" feel very isolated with no other instruments joining.

It's only 34 minutes long so nothing drags on. I've always been bad at explaining non-vocal music. I just find this stuff to be relaxing and it mellows me out. It's mainly a quiet album so don't expect to be amazed.

Summary: Anyone who enjoys piano or instrumental music is bound to enjoy most of this CD.

Key Tracks: .IV, Point Zero, 8 mm
Rating: 8/10

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