Friday, August 29, 2008

Studio - Yearbook 2

Release Date: 06/24/08
Genre: Electronica

To be honest, the first track couldn't hold me so I never got passed it, but after the enjoyment I've found in Air France and Lindstrøm, I gave it another listen.

Review: On a normal day, my reactions to the album are basically Zzzz. It's not quite as engaging as I want my music to be. I know there's parts where you can visualized the melody flowing in the air, but it's not too interesting. "Room Without A Key" is my favorite because it feels nice and I feel that I'm connecting to it. the other songs are just minimum movements.

Not to say it's bad. I don't think it's a crap album, good background noise, but with a length of an hour, it can get a little wearisome. Also, I don't like the vocals at all.

Summary: Even with a focal melody, I don't feel that the songs are that interesting.

Key Tracks: Room Without A Key
Rating: 6/10

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