Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mogwai - The Hawk is Howling

Release Date: 09/22/08
Genre: Post-Rock

These guys are cool. Not best, but I can hear their influence on newer instrumental bands.

Review: So i'm listening to the first track, "I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead," and it's a pleasing song. "Batcat" is pretty heavy. Third track is a meh track. Things begin to pick up with "The Sun Smells Too Loud." It's a faster tempo song and it got itself a recurring melody in it. Unfortunately, the rest feels like discipline music. I can really dig "I Love You, I'm Gonna Blow Up Your School," if i allow it to, but it's very very, what's the word i'm looking for. It just feels unoriginal and the time it takes to reach the climax is not worth repeated listens.

Summary: Mearly average. Also album cover is gay.

Key Tracks: The Sun Smells Too Loud, Kings Meadow
Rating: 5/10

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