Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Portugal. The Man - Censored Colors

Release Date: 09/16/08
Genre: Alternative

So here's a band I listen to last year because some had them on their top 25 list, but I was turned away with it's experimental noises. I honestly didn't go back later to listen to it, but this one is brand new.

Review: Cool fuzzy warm album. The first 6 tracks are what I like, just nice and chill campfire songs. Reminds me of good folk music. All 6 are good developed songs. The second half is more split with more shorter songs with more of an abstract feel to it so it becomes less memorable in my opinion, but it's cool that it connects.

Summary: Pretty decent.

Key Tracks: Lay Me Down, Colors, Our And In And In And Out
Rating: 6/10

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