Sunday, September 21, 2008

White Hinterland - Phylactery Factory

Release Date: 03/04/08
Genre: Chamber Pop

Casey Dienel's voice is so warm. Perfect for the fireplace.

Review: Sometimes I can hear a bit of Regina Spektor, sometimes I hear a bit of Joanna Newsom, but she still has a distinct sound. A lot of reviews I've seen of her describe it as jazzy folk and it's true. I love the bouncy flow of the music and it doesn't feel like it ever becomes repetitive. Her lyrics are more interesting to listen to, although I don't really connect to them, it's nice to hear different useage of words. So even in her later songs where the songs don't feel to be moving, I still enjoy them because of her storytelling.

Summary: I like it. Good balance between pop songs and folksy songs. Good instruments.

Key Tracks: The Destruction Of The Art Deco House, Dreaming Of Plum Trees, Hometown Hooray
Rating: 7/10

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