Saturday, October 25, 2008

Al Steward - Sparks of Ancient Light

Release Date: 09/15/08
Genre: Singer/Songwriter Folk

I can't believe I never heard of this guy. He's nearly 65 and looks like he has some classic albums under his belt. He doesn't have anything on Rolling Stone's 500 Album list and whenever I googled 'best albums of the 60s' or '70's, I never seen his name. Or maybe I did and I got him mixed with Rod Steward.

Review: Whelp, I'm kinda stumped. It's an album that feels straight from the 70s. The opening track is a joyous song and I love it. Then basically everything is on a enjoyable level, but I don't feel really excited or amazed. It's just nice singer/songwritering music. Looking online, there's a deeper meaning as the album is based on a time period. Interesting I say.

Summary: Nice singer/songwriter music.

Key Tracks: Lord Salisbury, Hanno the Navigator, Elvis at the Wheel
Rating: 6/10

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