Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ef - I Am Responsible

Release Date: 03/18/08
Genre: Post-Rock

"Give Me Beauty... Or Give Me Death!" was so damn masterful.

Review: Great intro track. "Två" is great too. It's exactly where their debut left off. Hard to really explain because it's instrumental. The soundscape is wonderful. Then it's all downhill from there. "Bear" just lasts way too long without a payoff and the middle section of the vocals trying to be meaningful ultimaly failed big time. "Thrills" goes nowhere. "Appendix" falls asleep. Finally, "A Tailpiece" just makes you feel like you wasted your time. Compared to their debut, it's really bad. As a standalone album, it's decent, but too often on the generic side of the post-rock. I'm hoping that they'll improve towards the right direction.

Summary: Boring for the most part.

Key Tracks: Soon, Två
Rating: 4/10

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