Saturday, October 04, 2008

Leeland - Opposite Way

Release Date: 02/26/08
Genre: Christian Rock

This band is nice.

Review: Not much to say because their music doesn't hit too hard into my skin this time. "Count Me Out" is a good album opener. "Let It Out Now" is good too. "Enter This Temple" starts to get towards worship anthem. And because of that, everything just sounds okay. No hate. No love. Just okay music. "Sounds of Melodies" is the better album. Everything felt like a praise anthem on this album. Good or bad, I can't take too much of the same type for too long.

Summary: He has a good voice, but the content of the album causes the album to drift towards typical Christian Rock. I feel that the energy is gone and it's all about praising God.

Key Tracks: Count Me Out, Enter This Temple, Don't Go Away
Rating: 5/10

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