Sunday, October 26, 2008

E.S. Posthumus - Cartographer

Release Date: 01/14/08
Genre: Epic, Cinematic Orchestral

I hardly see any talk of this album. I know it's not as good, but Unearthed was too solid. I honestly haven't given the album a listen since maybe March, but I've been meaning to add this album to my blog. So with fresh ears, how much do I like it?

Review: So the first disk has Luna Sans doing vocals. What kind of vocals? New Age Enya type. It's actually really cool. Her voice really fits the vibrations of the music. Don't know what language she is speaking, but it sounds mythical. Just like the music. Very earthly. It's like music for Narnia.

It's around track 4 where i felt the vocals were getting in the way. She needs to stop being the focus. "Marunae" and "Mosane" are clear examples. Compared to the remix version, it blows it out of the water. Anyways, disk one is basically more mellow and I felt less dynamic. It's also 64 minutes long and her vocals hardly make a change so it got me so tired. I would rate disk one a 6/10.

But onward to disk two. I honestly wasn't hoping for much, but there were two bonus tracks and those two tracks are amazing. And the cool thing is, they not only took out her vocals, but they replaced them with either instrumental solos or choir melodies, or both. And then they rearranged the track order. It doesn't reach the level of their first album, but it's still amazing music. Although, yes, it's more mellow.

"Nasivern Pi" is insane. What is that, a flute? Awesome sub for the vocals. I always say about instrumental music that I need a focus so my mind can visualize it. So this song is great for that reason.

The biggest setback with disk two are the mellowness. Also, the length is a killer. Too much choir and violins and all that good stuff is too much. So yes, it gets dull. While reviewing this, I skiped around a bit and all of the songs are really cool, it's just hard to sit through it all. Most of them make excellent background music. I'll probably give the second disk a solid 7/10

Summary: Too much of the same. Would be okay if shorter or more diverse.

Key Tracks: Nolitus, Ashielf Pi, Oraanu Pi
Rating: 6/10

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