Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Keane - Perfect Symmetry

Release Date: 10/14/08
Genre: Alternative Piano Rock

I remember hearing them on the radio for the first time back in 2004. I can't believe how popular they become.

Review: Even for bands who I've never got into, but others have, I always have this hope that their new album will finally convince me. I've listen to Keane's past two albums briefly, but nothing really hit me except "Somewhere Only we Know. With the new album, I felt it was more 80s synth. It was strange. It was adventurist.

"Spiralling" opens the album and it's okay. Second track is probably the album's best. "Perfect Symmetry" is sure to satisfied those who wanted that choir-like bridge. At times, I felt that he sounded too hard to be like Queen or The Killers. None of the songs wanted me to skip, but neither did any of the songs want me to repeat, but as a whole, I did feel disinterested as I tried to listen to it in one go. The middle tracks felt mediocre or the songs felt really long and I just wanted it to end. Also, I'm a bit putoff on his voice.

"Pretend That You're Alone" is pretty cool.

Summary: Some good, some bad. In the end, does nothing for me.

Key Tracks: The Lovers Are Losing, Pretend That You're Alone
Rating: 5/10

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