Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gregory & the Hawk - Moenie & Kitchi

Release Date: 10/07/08
Genre: Indie folk

My aussie friend told me about this band.

Review: Her voice is very childlike. How old is this girl? I suppose it's like Lisa Loeb's or Vanessa Carlton's voice. But more baby-like. The music sounds fairly simple. I really liked the first song, "Oats We Sow," but things just feel like the same idea repeated over and over. Her voice can only be interesting for so long. She needs memorable hooks or melodies to hook me back in. I just found her later tracks to be less interesting. I did like some parts of "Wild West" and "Ghosts."

Summary: Butterfly music. I like it, but on the low end of 'like.'

Key Tracks: Oats We Sow, Doubtful, Grey Weather
Rating: 6/10

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