Wednesday, October 29, 2008

La Dispute - Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair

Release Date: 11/11/08
Genre: Post-Hardcore

I probably would not have heard of them if not for absolutepunk's review.

Review: First impressions, mewithoutYou. It's not as catchy or melodic, but damn is it just strong. His voice is really angry so it's hard for me to take in all the words he is saying, but I'm not much of a lyrics guy anyways. He can say whatever, but the feeling is there. Even with their calmer song like "Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again," the pain is apparent in his voice.

The music does a great job in pulling slow and fast moments within the same song and most of the time, I feel that the beats are part of my thoughts. So I don't need to fully focus. It's just a good album. Maybe I need more listens, but every song fits with the flow. Can't really pinpoint a favorite. It's all equal.

Summary: Nice spoken word vocals with fire instrumentation.

Key Tracks: Damaged Goods, Bury Your Flame, Andria
Rating: 8/10

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