Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marit Larsen - The Chase

Release Date: 10/13/08
Genre: Pop

Hello Marit. Why are you so cool? When i was into M2M, I was always a fan of Marion and only cared about Marion's solo stuff, but Marit surprised the heck out of me with "Under the Surface." So rich in melodies and great sense of what pop music should be.

Review: "The Chase" starts with a cool breeze of twinkle pop sounds and it's the album's best song. Everything in the song feels that it belongs. Lyrics are cool too. Then "If A Song Could Get Me You" is her first single and it's one of those continuation from her debut album. Her voice easily swings in my head and the chorus is pure pop magic.

The rest of the album had to grow on me. Marit's voice is fragile so when music isn't accompanying, I feel lost. In the next two songs, I really enjoy the chorus. There actually really strong, but it's so strong, the verses feel a bit empty just because..just because. !! The music for "Is It Love" didn't feel like it was pushing towards anything. It's a steady paced drum and guitar, but it got ridiculous as I was thinking she would repeat "is it love" a few more times and it got louder and richer in instrumentation. It's like it wouldn't stop. I feel so happy that she took that chance. Made me smile.

"Addicted" is a good song. It's one of the few where I like the verses better than the chorus. It's not an angry song, but it has that spunk where it's almost like she's singing nonstop. It's too bad that it faded out instead of having a complete stoppage.

She has 3 slower songs, "Steal My Heart," "Fuel," and the album closer of "Fences." All of them are on my good side, but nothing too strong.

Her next single is supposedly "I've Heard Your Love Songs" and it's the only weak song I found on the album. Sounds like another uplifting love ballad.

Summary: Took a few listens to grow on me. It's not as good as her debut. She doesn't push pop music forward, but who cares right. She's good at what she does. Sometimes slow beginnings, but wonderful endings. Whoever is in charge of arranging her strings, good job.

Key Tracks: The Chase, If A Song Could Get Me You, Is It Love,
Rating: 7/10

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