Monday, October 13, 2008

Fleet Foxes - Sun Giant

Release Date: 02/25/08
Genre: Baroque pop

How do I not have this on my blog? Well, both the EP and LP leaked at the same time and I downloaded them because I was thinking, "wow, someone is leaking stuff from their label." I actually liked the EP more at the beginning, but eventually the LP grew on me.

Review: "Sun Giant" is mostly vocals only. Nice welcoming track.

"Drops in the River" is crazy good in harmony. Great build. Awesome ending.

"English Houses" has a rumbling folk sound.

The beginning of "Mykonos" is amazing and the change up half way in the song is still cool, but it sounds more like a celebration than a full pledge song.

"Innocent Son" is really stripped down. Nice echoes.

Summary: So at 19 minutes, these guys really showed the world what they are capable of. They are really warm and rich in melodies.

Key Tracks: Drops in the River, English Houses, Mykonos
Rating: 8/10

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