Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Panic at the Disco - Pretty. Odd

Release Date: 03/25/08
Genre: Psychedelic Pop Punk

I know. But I could never get past the 3rd track. I always wanted to give this a full listen so alright. I'm gonna do it. I never listen to their debut, but their singles were so lame.

Review: So I did read around and it seems like the agreement was that the band matured and fans who liked their poppunk stuff will be disappointed while others will like it. Well After listening to the full album, there isn't much that appealed to me. The intro track is the best song and man, it held so much promise. "Nine in the Afternoon" has stupid lyrics, but it's catchy so i let it slide. After that, nothing really said "yes." Most of it was "60s."

So it looks like they added a backing band to give it that "Sgt. Pepper" sound, but the music just sounds like a generic rip off from the 60s. The singing is pretty harsh on the ears. Whoever is singing on"Behind The Sea," I wouldn't mind if they switched to him full time. If they wanted to sound like a retro band, I think his is more suited. The current singer's voice is too metro eyelinder for me.

Summary: Vocals and music don't match. And on its own, aren't that interesting. At times, I can see them having the right ideas, but the completed work just doesn't work for me.

Key Tracks: Nine in the Afternoon, That Green Gentleman, From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins
Rating: 4/10

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