Friday, October 24, 2008

Pompeii - Nothing Happens for a Reason

Release Date: 10/21/08
Genre: Indie Rock, emo

I saw a picture of the album cover and it made me want to hear the album.

Review: The music is good. You can really hear the post-rock influences and the cello is awesome when it comes. The opening track felt renewing. "Rabbit Ears" is a breath of fresh air and it got carried to the next song.

The next 6 songs all run over 5 minutes. How cool. So I wanted the band to explode, but they never quite did so it all runs together and it's hard to really write something. It's nice music, but nothing too catchy or highly melodic that will stay in your brain for hours. Maybe if some of the songs cut the bullshit, or if the album had less tracks. Nothing sucks on its own, but 30 minutes is tough. I know I'm not a casual listener as I listen to lots and lots of new albums as once, so a change-up would be nice.

The cello are awesome on "Until You're Floating."

"Sit and Wait" is pretty.

Summary: A little on the long side, but it's pretty music. I wish they played with the sound more as it's all uniform. Some of the chorus don't stand out. Still, some good stuff. A 6 looks harsh, but I don't feel that it's quite a 7 yet.

Key Tracks: Rabbit Ears, Ready / Not Ready, Until You're Floating
Rating: 6/10

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