Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down - We Brave Bee Stings and All

Release Date: 01/29/08
Genre: Indie Folk Rock

I heard about this band back in January and I've been meaning to review it, but other albums got in the way so whenever I would decide to go back to it, another album would get in the way. So because of my frequency of delaying this review, I have this soft spot for the first 4 songs.

Review: Vocally, she reminded me of Cat Power or a more rusty version of Jenny Owen Youngs. I honestly can't say I enjoy her voice, but it's better than some sugarcoated girl.

The opening track, "Beat (Health, Life And Fire)" is your saucy indie rock song. The music is mainly the song and she seems to be able to play around in her space, going at the pace she pleases. "Bag of Hammers" is the most appealing with its hook. "Shake shake shake." There's a rattle throughout the song and some tingy guitar section that repeats. "Big Kids Table" is more light, but it's friendly. "Swimming Pools" turns fast with the banjo playing. Not really a fun track, but it's cool.

So after those 4, the album switches to a more quiet mode that requires patience. I did like "Feet Asleep" as it feels more like the first 4. But songs like "Geography" and "Yes, So On And So On" don't have much spark. It's just good filler. Even with the horns entering on "Fear and Convenience" felt a bit underwhelming. "Violet" might have more pretty guitaring and "Travel" is upbeat, The second half was mostly a decent sounding bunch of songs. I've read other reviews and they said she has so much emotion, yet I don't hear it. o well.

Summary: Good beginning, but slowly gets disinterested. If you have the patience, it's alright.

Key Tracks: Bag of Hammers, Feet Asleep
Rating: 6/10

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