Friday, October 10, 2008

T.I. - Paper Trails

Release Date: 09/30/08
Genre: Hip-Hop

lol, what's with me enjoying hip hop this year. I also have to thank Girl Talk for making me notice who he was.

Review: Right off the back, "Swagga Like Us" is a shitty song. It has Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Kenye West, but somehow, it feels like a joke song of friends rapping over M.I.A and her line that is sample is boring. Still, this song did give me a new catchphases.

I did throughtlly enjoy the first 7 tracks. The first 3 really let me to take him as a seriously contender. "On Top of The World" is pretty cool. Then the numa numa song, "Live Your Life" will either annoy you to no end or be the greatest song of the year. I love it just because it's ridualous to sample a internet meme. Rihanna's vocals are awesome.

"Whatever You Like" and "No Matter What" have that radio quality. So it's easier to digest. By now, it's 30 minutes and my mind is in need of a change. "Swing Ya Rag" has a good chourse, "Slide Show" is cool because of John Legend.

Summary: Decent hip hop record.

Key Tracks: Live Your Life, Swing Ya Rag, Slide Show
Rating: 6/10

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