Monday, December 01, 2008

Copeland - You Are My Sunshine

Release Date: 10/14/08
Genre: Calm Rock

Sometimes you'll hear great things about a band, but never felt the need to download them as their myspace songs weren't impressive.

Review: And gosh, more good things about this album, but at the end of it, all I was left wondering was, "zzzz?" Yeah, so am I suppose to be feeling some deep spiritual movement? The vocals are airy soft and the only times I felt involve was when a female would enter. Which was rare. The music itself is pretty boring. It's like the cleanest album you could possibly make. But is it a bad thing? I don't know. As much as I would like to, I can't even pick a side. It's like the entire album failed to make a mark. Even when they do pick up the pace like on "The Grey Man" and "To Be Happy Now," it's not that strong of a song. While the rest relies on his soft voice, it just sound a bit basic. Add it together, it's false beauty underneath that blanket of feathery breath.

Summary: No reaction

Key Tracks: Good Morning Fire Eater, On The Safest Ledge
Rating: 4/10

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