Monday, December 01, 2008

Denison Witmer - Carry The Weight

Release Date: 11/11/08
Genre: Singer-Songwriters

Wow, this dude isn't new at all. But he's new to me.

Review: I'm sure you can find a well written review elsewhere, but here are my thoughts. When I think of the words "Singer-Songwriter," there's one person that I always measure it to. Cat Stevens. Yep, or 70s Jackson Browne. Slow at parts, but enjoyable if you take the time, except he sounds like he has less to say. And the biggest annoyance since starting this blog was always finding albums to be better once you start to write something. So what are his weak points? I don't really know. It's too mellow. He sounds good yeah, but it's kind of like someone just smoothed out all the good and bad and every song came out even in the middle of the music spectrum.

Summary: Mellow music.

Key Tracks: Life Before Aesthetics, If You Are The Writer
Rating: 5/10

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