Monday, December 01, 2008

The Cure - 4:13 Dream

Release Date: 10/28/08
Genre: Alternative rock

I didn't become hardcore about music-listening til 2006. Their last album was in 2004. So excuse me for never listening to this band. I mean, I did hear their cover of "Love Song."

Review: That was a joke. So The Cure. I sat through the entire thing and I never got tempted to switch nor did I felt like this was a top album. The album starts with a few jarring guitar chords. Nice and loud. Nice and easy. It's building to something I think. Then very spooky vocals. I like their use of the winds chime (I think). It makes it sound all glittery. Not an outstanding song, but it's the opener.

"Only One" is a more friendly. Vocals are kinda weird. Sometimes he sounds like he's losing air, sometimes he's being Freddie, sometimes he cries. Listening to "Freakshow," I can really hear a lot of new bands that sound like him. Maybe like The Killers, Jukebox the Ghost, Modest Mouse. Maybe Muse. I bet those are unfair comparison, but those vocalist sound like him. Or maybe it's cause he's british. hmm.

"Hungry Ghost" is cool. It might be a strong song in the universe of this 4:13 dream, but still weak in the real world. "Perfect Boy" starts simple. Then it comes together. I'm not sure, sounds like a safely net incase radio hates them so this one felt good, but a little standard.

"This. Here and Now. With You" is cool because he raises his voice at the right time. Catchy too. "Scream" felt like he was trying so hard to rock out. The last song "It's Over" does it better. Nice fast tounge.

Summary: Am I too young for them or is this band too old? I just didn't connect. It's like they play music and I'm listening. And the more I listen, the more I get it. And in the end, means nothing to me.

Key Tracks: Real Snow White, This. Here and Now. With You
Rating: 4/10

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