Monday, December 01, 2008

David Cook - David Cook

Release Date: 11/18/08
Genre: Alternative Rock

So do people like David Cook because he's good or because he was on American Idol and won?

Review: Even when the show was airing, I wasn't too impressed with him, but iono, he was doing covers. Well here is his chance to shine and I know I've said it before. 90s alternative rock got stale for me. When his first single, "Light On" came out, I was disappointed. The rush towards the chorus happened too soon and overall felt like a generic rip off of that big rock sound.

"Declaration" was a little better and it works well as the opening track. The downside is that there are many carbon copies of this song found on the album. Sure the verses might be mellower of faster, but they all seem to borrow a page of that big rock sound. Some people might love it, but I'm tired of it.

I was reading around that he worked with many people with the songwriting and yeah, those are some big named stars, but let David be himself. Overall, the album kind of feels like a mixtape of the post-grunge era.

Summary: American Idol.

Key Tracks: Come Back To Me, Permanent, The Time of My Life
Rating: 5/10

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