Monday, December 01, 2008

Gentle Touch - In Memory Of Savannah

Release Date: 03/19/08
Genre: Electro

I remember asking people for some 80s album and then I downloaded this so it was in the same pile as my 80s stuff and I remember thinking "Wow, finally a good album from the 80s." But wait.

Review: This album came out this year. What? So my knowledge of the 80s are pretty dry. I mean, I tried, but a lot of it was boring shit. This album reminds me of the 80s because of the keyboard electricity and tiresome club beats. New Order is a band that comes to mind, but i'm probably wrong. I also love the words they use in the first 4 songs. Stuff like "but you are gorgeous" seems to echo in my mind at random times of the day. So the first 4 are the best, so it's been a challenge to enjoy the second half. I wanted to so badly, but it's not clicking for me. I do like them, but 5 tracks in a row where they are just okay mellow quality, I rather go back and listen to the first 4 again as they were so exciting.

Summary: It's nice. Maybe a rearrangement of the songs would fair better. "The View" is a keeper.

Key Tracks: Expectations, The View, Pieter Van Den Hoogenband
Rating: 6/10

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