Monday, December 01, 2008

Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak

Release Date: 11/24/08
Genre: Electronic, Pop

"If I sing off-key it really points that out. It points out the bad notes. So I actually have to sing more perfect. But I use it because I like the electronic feel. I like the sound. I want to juxtapose Taiko drums and monk choirs with Auto-Tune. I deliver music like it's art. I feel like I'm a Pop Artist" - Kanye West on Conan O'Brien.

Review: Honestly, hearing "Love Lockdown" on MTV was a bit weird. Just because it was sung live and it didn't sound very good. So going in, I was expecting a side project type of album and even thought it's not what Kanye is known for, trying to engage yourself in this album for the first time was really ... new. I've always liked Kanye more for his beats than his rap skills anyone.

"Say You Will" is good. The atmosphere is really chilly and I know he uses auto-tune for every song, but so far, it makes this song sick. Althought it's really smooth and not a whole lot of action happens, it sounds good.

"Heartless" is my favorite song on the album. Great beat. Maybe the album's only song worth listening to. the chorus is really memorable so it just gets glue into your head. "RoboCop" has strings giving that thrill and the chorus is also a memorable one.

I liked some of "Amazing" but then Young Weezy kind of killed it for me. This track sounded more heavy with the computer effects on the voice. "Paranoid" is loud and dancable.

"See You In My Knightmares" is terrible. Lil Wayne sucks when he's a guest. I like "Coldest Winter." The album ends with a freestyle from Singapore and I'm not sure if he freestyles good, but I remember the first time hearing it, there was a lot of feeling pouring out of him. A little more work and it could be a strong track.

Summary: I won't deny that Kanye is one creative mofo, but there's only 4 songs that I really like, 3 songs that I really dislike. And the rest just floats in the middle.

Key Tracks: Heartless, Love Lockdown, RoboCop
Rating: 6/10

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